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“One of the biggest advantages is that when I go into the FSA to report plant dates, I simply show them my FarmLogs account and go field-to-field until I finish reporting.”


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“Having last season’s imagery is the only way I could have identified the [uneven application] problem. Now I can avoid the same problem every year in the future. FarmLogs just saved me $16,000 per year!”

– Clint D., Tennessee

“With the Marketing tool, we always know what percent of our crop we’ve sold, what our price is on the average, where it’s got to get delivered, and basis. With FarmLogs everything’s right at our fingertips, and we know at a glance exactly where we’re sitting.”

– Randy S., South Dakota

“A tool like this is another opportunity to better inform my decision-making and increase the profitability of my farm.”

– Tim B., Michigan

“With FarmLogs, the days of having a pile of notebooks full of planting dates and seed varieties is over. Everything I need to track is right at my fingertips!”

– Asa P., Kansas

“We have several different tests we run. Whether it’s the amount of N we put on our corn, different cover crop practices, or different planting rates, having the Crop Health Imagery gives us a visual understanding of how those tests are possibly benefiting us.”

– Alex G., Minnesota

“I like that it tracks rainfall on all of my fields. I also like being able to keep track of all of my inventory, crops, and equipment in one place. It makes for a well-run farm. Thank you FarmLogs for everything you do!”

– Jackson s., Idaho

“Best farm app hands down! The record keeping is awesome and to have a map of each field is great. Being able to upload yield maps and always have them in my pocket helps my operation!”

– Danny T., Ohio

“The imagery told us where the hail pockets were, and we showed adjustors in the field on our iPad. We could show before and after images of what couldn’t be seen from the road. It was amazing to see the change in the vegetation.”

Jon B., North Dakota

“We use it to track all of the fields we farm, manage, and consult for. Would strongly suggest FarmLogs!”

– Danny T., Ohio

“I love the convenience. I can access and share limited to full access with my employees from anywhere on any device.”

– Alex G., Minnesota

It’s an amazing app and we don’t know how we were able to farm before we had it.”

– Jackson s., Idaho

“I truly believe in what you’re doing. You’re trying to make things simpler for the farmers. Putting farmers first. And a lot of companies aren’t putting the farmer first. Second thing, you don’t treat us like a number. I’m a person. I call you, or email you, and someone says, ‘Oh hi Denver, how are you today?’ That’s a big deal to me.”

– Denver D., Ohio

“I know what my costs are down to the field level. No more educated guesses. And that helps me do a better job of managing our farm.”

– Alex G., Minnesota

“Really works well in our operation, as we custom farm a fair amount of acres. I also like that you can enter input, fuel, and labor costs per activity.”

– Kevin S., Minnesota

“We really like the map feature of FarmLogs and I’m impressed with the improvements of the app we see on a regular basis.”

– Tom S., Missouri

“My favorite thing last season was how easy it was for my new hired help to find our fields when moving from field to field.”

– Jim H., Illinois

“I love FarmLogs because it keeps me connected to my land when I can’t be there.”

– Patrick M., California

“Many times it helps me notice where I have poor growth, which would be hard to detect without imagery.”

– Tyler M., Kansas

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“FarmLogs is an incredible app. As a farm manager for a 6,000 acre farm, we enjoy many of its features.”

Luke R., Texas

“FarmLogs is very easy to understand and use. One of a kind program. Highly recommended.”

– Orrin P., Idaho

“The crop health monitor blew me away last year!”

– Travis S., Arizona

“FarmLogs has increased the productivity in our family operation. Great and easy tool for us!”

– Drew G., Iowa

“From recording inputs to managing bin storage and equipment maintenance, FarmLogs has been a great tool to have! “

– Ethan C., Indiana

“Bringing technology to the farm enhances production and efficiency. With FarmLogs, we are able to make crucial decisions in one simple-to-use app.”

– Ryan L., Missouri

“FarmLogs changed everything when we started using it. Best management software I’ve used.”

– Brick V., South Dakota

“I’ve really appreciated FarmLogs the last several years. Truly makes life easier, especially if you have to keep records for the department of health and environment! Accuracy and consistency are vital!”

– Tori P, Kansas

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