Make the best decisions for your farm.

– Organize field and financial records
– Market grain with confidence
– Calculate field-level profitability

What is Bushel Farm?

Bushel Farm (formerly FarmLogs) gives you a ground-level and big-picture view of your farm’s operational and financial performance.

Access an array of farm records – anytime, anywhere

Field maps, rainfall and satellite imagery, scouting notes, equipment, activities and inputs, grain contracts and inventories, land agreements, work orders, and more

Generate insights for decision-making and sharing with trusted partners

Cost of production, marketing position, and profit and loss at the farm, crop, and field level

Reduce the pain of manual entry with automation

Contracts from Bushel-powered grain buyers and activities from John Deere Operations Center and Climate FieldView

Check out the video below for an overview of Bushel Farm.

What Farmers Are Saying

“They are constantly looking for new ways to improve the program, and to help the farmer make their operation better and more profitable.”

– Danny T., Ohio

headshot of Alex G.

“I know what my costs are down to the field level. No more educated guesses. And that helps me do a better job of managing our farm.”

– Alex G., Minnesota

headshot of Jackson S.

“We can make informed decisions, and store information all in one space. It is a great management tool on the farm.”

– Jackson s., Idaho

Choose the Best Plan for Your Farm

  • Contracts with automated entry
  • Field Mapping
  • Recent Rainfall
  • Rain & Heat History
  • Scouting
  • Equipment
  • Soil Maps
  • Inputs
  • Futures Prices

Everything in Lite, including Contracts with automated entry


  • Marketing – New to Essentials!
  • Activities
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Local Prices
  • Field Attachments

Everything in Essentials, including Contracts with automated entry and Marketing


  • Machine Data Connections
  • Custom Activities
  • Work Orders
  • Reports
  • Profit & Loss
  • Land Costs

Only need field mapping and recent rainfall with email notifications? Check out the newest plan:  BASIC RAINFALL.

Try the Lite, Essentials, or Business plan free for 30 days to see which features work best for your operation. Need help deciding which plan is best? Give our sales team a call at (734) 431-6788.

Spend less time at the computer, and more time running your farm with automated contract entry

  • Bushel is committed to reducing manual entry of farm data and helping farmers easily surface valuable grain marketing insights

  • Farmers who do business with one or more of the 2,600 grain facilities that offer a mobile app and web portal powered by Bushel can auto-import their grain sale contracts using Bushel Farm’s Contracts feature. Learn more.

  • Curious if your grain buyer offers a mobile app powered by Bushel and free to you? Learn more.

  • Nudge your grain buyer to join the Bushel Network.

Are you an agribusiness looking to strengthen your relationship with farmers?
Bushel Farm can help.

2024 State of the Farm Available: U.S. farmers surveyed on ag tech, grain marketing, sustainability, payments, and more

Basic Rainfall

Field Mapping, Recent Rainfall + Email Notifications

Bushel Farm Lite

Fields, Recent Rainfall, Inputs, Scouting, Equipment, Rain & Heat History, Soil Maps, Contracts, and Futures Prices

Bushel Farm Essentials

Basic Activities, Satellite Imagery, Local Prices, Marketing, and Field Attachments, plus Lite

Bushel Farm Business

Machine Data Integrations, Custom Activities, Land Costs, Reports, P&L, and Work Orders,  plus Essentials

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Find the plan that works best for your farm.


Custom plans for operations with over 10,000 acres.