Access everything you need to manage and monitor your entire operation

Bushel Farm Business Includes:

  • All 12 features of Bushel Farm Essentials
  • Machine Data Integrations
  • Profit & Loss
  • Marketing
  • Reports
  • Custom Activities
  • Work Orders
  • Land Costs

Bushel Farm Business is available to growers managing up to 10,000 acres and includes unlimited user seats on an account, priority phone support, email support, and access to detailed support articles.


Connect to John Deere Operations Center™ or Climate FieldView® to automatically log activities

Seamlessly transfer the field work being captured by your equipment monitor to your Bushel Farm account.

  • Reduce the amount of time spent entering data
  • Keep accurate records across systems
  • Automatically calculate your cost of production
  • More easily determine your farm’s profit & loss down to the acre

“With the Marketing tool, we always know what percent of our crop we’ve sold, what our price is on the average, where it’s got to get delivered, and basis. With FarmLogs everything’s right at our fingertips, and we know at a glance exactly where we’re sitting.”

Randy S., South dakota


Get financial insights from every dimension of your farm

Aggregate data from your Bushel Farm account to get a complete picture of your farm’s profit and loss down to the field level.

  • Quickly determine which fields and crops contributed to more profit or loss for your farm
  • Evaluate where to invest or cut back
  • Streamline conversations with your financial partners by always knowing what you’ve spent and made


Be confident in your marketing decisions

Know the value of your unsold bushels as prices move, and easily keep track of your overall position with acre profit in mind.

  • Calculate cost of production / breakeven for your farm
  • Monitor profitability and position
  • Track sales and hedges as you make them
  • Set goals for how much grain you want marketed by when


Quickly and easily generate the reports you need

Create and share customizable reports with the press of a button. Reports are automatically generated using the information in your Bushel Farm account.

  • Create reports for inputs, planted acres, field data, spraying records, and marketing data
  • Use filters to easily customize report details
  • Download your reports as CSV or PDF files to easily share with partners


Keep detailed and accurate records

Add custom activity types and configure the cost of each to keep detailed records organized, secure and accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

  • Log custom activity types like soil sampling or mowing
  • Configure the cost per acre or total for each activity type to automatically calculate your cost of production as you log activities


Easily coordinate field work across your entire farm

Streamline the logistics of running a farm at scale by assigning work orders to your team.

  • Quickly assign work to your team or farm partners
  • Send people to the correct fields with built-in maps 
  • Monitor the status of assigned work and keep detailed field production records
  • Update assignments as things need to change


Properly account for your land costs and income

Keep detailed records of all your land agreements in one place with the ability to quickly access land cost and income by field and acre.

  • Add customized land agreements once to help manage land costs and income across the life of the contract
  • View land cost per acre by field and contract
  • Generate flex rent and crop share reports for landlords
  • Account for non-crop related land revenue

Get Bushel Farm Business for $199.99/month or $1,999/year

  • All 12 features of Bushel Farm Essentials
  • Integrations
  • Custom Activities
  • Work Orders
  • Profit & Loss
  • Reports
  • Marketing
  • Land Costs

Bushel Farm Business is available to growers managing up to 10,000 acres and includes unlimited user seats on an account, priority phone support, email support, and access to detailed support articles and videos.

Bushel Farm Lite

Fields, Recent Rainfall, Inputs, Scouting, Equipment, Rain & Heat History, Soil Maps, and Futures Prices

Bushel Farm Essentials

Basic Activities, Satellite Imagery, Local Prices, and Field Attachments, plus Lite

Bushel Farm Business

Machine Data Integrations, Custom Activities, Land Costs, Reports, P&L, Work Orders, and Marketing, plus Essentials

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